Tell Wyoming Lawmakers that You Support New Revenues for Public Education!

Wyoming has a $250 million public school funding shortfall because we depend on boom-and-bust mineral industries to pay for education.


Education is too important to gamble on volatile mineral revenues. Use this form to tell lawmakers that we need new, stable sources of revenue that ensure each generation of Wyoming children receives a quality education. (See details below.)

The Legislature’s Joint Revenue Committee is considering a variety of new revenues to make up for the mineral tax shortfall and properly fund Wyoming public schools.


But here’s the problem: The committee members keep saying their constituents would rather see cuts to education.


Tell them they’re wrong. Use this form to tell lawmakers that the people of Wyoming aren’t willing to throw away the gains we’ve made in public education—that the free ride mineral revenues have given us has been nice, but now it’s time that we “buck up” and fund our public schools.


The Revenue Committee will meet in Cheyenne on Nov. 6 – 7 (click here for details). At this meeting, they’ll be looking at a number of proposed bills (see below).


The committee will need encouragement to pass these proposals along to the full Legislature for consideration during the upcoming 2018 Budget Session. Please help us give them that encouragement.


Here’s what the Joint Revenue Committee will be looking at. In your message, let them know which ones you support (and what you don’t!). Maybe you’re not in favor of a sales tax on services, but you think it’d be okay to hike beer tax since it hasn’t been raised since Prohibition. Click the tax titles to see the proposed bills.


Whatever the specifics, make sure to emphasize that YOU, a Wyoming citizen and voter, are willing to see new revenues to fund our public school system.

Wyoming’s cigarette taxes are among the lowest in the nation, and the lobbyists who work here for the tobacco industry are clever—they bamboozled the Revenue Committee during its last meeting. But the vast majority of Wyoming citizens favor increasing taxes on tobacco, and it’s time for the Legislature do it.

Tourism Tax

This is a tax supported by the tourism industry that would allow the Department of Tourism to pay for its own advertising, freeing up an estimated $25 million the state could then spend on education.

Sales Tax on Services

Currently, Wyoming doesn’t charge sales tax on services like those provided by attorneys, engineers, beauticians, landscapers, undertakers, etc. This proposal would change that.

Property Tax Assessment Rates

Wyoming’s property taxes are so low that we could increase them by two percent—as this proposal would—and still have the lowest property taxes in the nation.

Wyoming’s beer tax rate, $0.02 per gallon, is the lowest in the nation. It hasn’t been increased since Prohibition. Our taxes on malt beverages and liquor are similarly—ridiculously—low. The very least we could do is raise this.

Click here to see the full list of proposals.
Click here to see the full list of proposals.
Click here to see the full list of proposals.
Click here to see the full list of proposals.
Click here to see the full list of proposals.
Click here to see the full list of proposals.